PORTLAND CITATIONS issued before January 15, 2020

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PORTLAND CITATIONS issued after January 15, 2020

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VANCOUVER CITATIONS issued before June 17, 2019

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VANCOUVER CITATIONS issued after June 17, 2019

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Northwest Parking Control
P.O. Box 28203
Portland, OR 97228

For general inquiries, please email: info@nwparkingcontrol.com


To pay your parking notice by mail, please send a check or money order to the above address. Please include your parking notice number and license plate number with your payment.


If you are contesting a parking notice, please send a written request to the above address. Disputes must be submitted in writing. No phone disputes will be accepted.


Northwest Parking Control issues parking notices within registered lots in accordance with Portland City Code. Notices unpaid after 30 days are subject to a $44.00 increase. For any questions or concerns not covered above please contact Northwest Parking Control via the following:

Phone: 971.200.4914 / Fax: 503.223.1877 / Email: dispute@star-park.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to pay the administration fee?

A: If you're submitting payment within 10 days, you can subtract the admin fee from the total listed.


Q: Why did I get a ticket? I have a correct pass to park there.

A: It's possible the payment receipt or pass was not visible or not displayed. Please send a copy of your payment receipt/pass and parking notice via mail or email.


Q: How can I pay this ticket online?

A: We currently accept citation payments through our online payment portal: https://nwpc.paymynotice.com/


Q: I was parked after hours, why was I given a ticket?

A: Area businesses set the rules for who gets to use their parking. If parking is not allowed after hours, it is always noted on site with a sign saying "enforced all hours."


Q: I've lost or can't find my parking notice, how much do I have due?

A: You may request a copy of your notice via mail or email. You may call if you just want to know the amount due.


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